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Delicate Wings

The sun burned fiercely as if burning holes into the clouded sky, bringing with it a welcomed summer's warmth. Fluttering of delicate wings dash in between the long stems, gliding from one place to the next. On a closer inspection, the meadow is splashed in a colour of orange, red, white and yellow interrupting the endless green. Wildflowers so tiny but so wonderfully intricate, peer out from the dense grass in defiance. With an uncurling of the proboscis, butterflies and moths reach into the oasis and quench their thirst on the sweet nectar. Today there are brown, cream spotted butterflies, others plain orange, moths too are numerous. Vivid red spots against black wings, with antennas extending outwards from the black lion mane, give the Five-spot Burnet month a unique appearance. The distinguishable humming of bumblebees and honeybees fills the air, bees differing in sizes, colours and hair covering feed amongst the bramble. Dragonflies take to the air in search of a partner hi…

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Growing up in the Mountains near MedellĂ­n (Colombia), I have always been surrounded by nature - something I've now come to realize as a rarity. Immigrating to England at a young age and living in the urban landscape I've come to yearn the simplicity and beauty of nature. The mystery of the ocean pulled me away from the hold of the mountains. I've recently completed a degree in Marine Biology and coastal ecology and now more than ever do I realize the threats facing nature. I have an eagerness to learn and better understand nature and to engage people to science and wildlife. Rachel Carson said "man is a part of nature, and his war against nature is inevitably a war against himself". It's critical we rediscover nature,after all our lives and those of the future depends on it.